Getting fit with Casein

Like I said in a post about Whey.  I will be posting about the essentials supplements for who wants to have good results in your Fitness Journey. We are all motivated with new resolutions for 2018. So I believe if you are in this jouney like me, you definitely need to  get advantages of the supplements on the market.  On this post I will talk about Casein. We all know that  milk is essential for a complete and balanced diet, this
a lot of people know. In addition to being one of the best sources of calcium,
It also helps the immune system by preventing diseases such as
hypertension, dental caries, dehydration, respiratory problems,
etc. Nutrients from milk are essential to avoid
a number of chronic diseases.
Casein is present in milk and today its extract is
great utility for those who seek hypertrophy. But what is the
casein? What is its function in the body? We will see all this and one more
little to follow.

What is Casein?
Casein is a phosphoprotein-like protein found in milk
fresh, mainly in what comes from the cow (it makes up 80%
of the protein found in this milk) and humans (from 20%
to 45%). It is a little water soluble (hydrophobic) protein that
It is also used in the production of milk derivatives, such as
and in the manufacture of adhesives, plastics and as
food and pharmaceutical products.
Your body’s digestion usually takes more than twice as long
of time, compared with other protein-rich supplements,
for protein synthesis and absorption of amino acids
essential elements that are present in your formula.
Casein can achieve up to 7 hours of action in the body because
this is sensitive to the acid pH present in the stomach and this
that its absorption by the walls of the digestive system is more
gradual. The release time of the amino acids of its formula is
more prolonged than other supplements rich in protein.
In some cases, the slow absorption of amino acids promotes
better results for those who want to gain muscle mass. At
Rapid absorption proteins are well accepted before and after the
physical exercises; those of slow absorption, as is the case with
casein, are best accepted throughout the day, with more
are beneficial compared to the others, since they are liberated in a
gradual according to the needs of the body.

Comparing casein to other protein-rich supplements,
it can be observed that this has many benefits that the
best evaluated by consumers. Because it is slow
casein is best utilized by the
during the day and, in addition, it helps to reduce the
which characterizes it as anti-catabolic.
Another benefit of casein is the fact that it has a
glutamine, which was around 20.5%, a higher value than the
soy and egg, for example. This amino acid found in
casein can help the muscle during intense exercise and
during the rigid diet. In addition, casein helps regulate the
transport of proteins in the intestine, since it tends to form a
kind of gel. This reduces the speed of
amino acids, helping to absorb them, proteins and
peptides by the part of the digestive system.
We can cite that casein has a high level of
glycogen amino acids, including threonine, glutamine, and arginine.
These amino acids are essential for the production of glucose and
energy during physical exercise,
within the muscle.
Finally, another benefit of casein is that, according to one
a UK study, it helps prevent cavities and other
tooth problems. This is explained by the fact that casein
prevents enamel erosion and is highly recommended for
people whose diet (rich in soft drinks, sweets etc) can
the health of teeth.

How to take
The use of casein is indicated for the night period, before
to sleep. Because it is a slow-absorption protein, it is indicated for
This time of day, therefore, during sleep, we remain hours without ingesting
food, and for those looking for increased
your goals. Casein is an excellent anti-catabolic
which acts from 7 to 8 hours – perfect for acting overnight
whole sleep.
The quantity to be taken varies according to the needs
of each individual’s daily protein, however, is indicated in
packaging of each brand of casein

Does casein lose weight?
A study carried out in the Netherlands shows that increasing
amount of casein consumed during the day
patients accelerate their metabolisms while they sleep,
decreasing, also, their total fat.

These below are the ones I have tried and reccomend. In m personal opinion they are good ones.

  • Provides a sustained release of muscle building amino acids to support muscle growth and recovery
  • 25 grams of 100% micellar casein, 5 grams of BCAAs & 2.3 grams of L-Leucine per serving
  • Ideal for overnight sustained muscle growth and repair
  • Banned substance tested & gluten free.


  • Made Exclusively With Micellar Casein
  • 24 Grams of Slowly Digesting Protein Per Serving
  • Use Between Meals to Support Satiety and/or Before Bed as Your PM Protein
  • Nearly 5 Grams of Naturally Occurring BCAAs per Scoop
  • Made in GMP Certified ON Owned and Operated Facilities. Nearly 5 Grams of Naturally Occurring Glutamine and Glutamic Acid per Scoop. 


Has so many on the market and I’ve tried from Cellucor and BSN but I still like these 2 .

How about you? Do you take Casein? Please, let me know commenting below.





Good-Bye 2017

This year ended so fast. I remember when I was a kid the year was long to end. Nowadays, it seems that the 12 months are summarized in 6 months. The year 2017 came and went very fast.
Today I am here remembering moments and feeling very grateful because I discovered and realized different things this past year.
I’m happy that the year 2018 is coming and I believe that every year we learn a lot and we will be able to use it so that the year that it turns does not come to be like the past. We have enough tools to make this new year better than the others that have gone by and left us memories. May we learn from the mistakes to get right in the future!

A happy New Year to you, my dear reader!

I wish you all the best !


Getting fit with Whey Protein

I was doing my list in what supplements to buy since I want bulk up for a bit. I want put some muscle mass on my body and be around 125 lbs. Right now, I’m flutuating between 112-115lbs. Yes, I’m tiny but extra 10lbs would make me very happy.

Below is what Im planning to include on my Supp cabinet. I know sounds odd, But I do have a special area for my supplements in my pantry and lately has been empty.

I’ve tried to keep my routine without them for months and I felt on my skin that it doesnt work for me. For 3 years I was contantly working out and taking it and had god quality of muscle mass and this year I tried go as much clean I could and what a disapoint. Works for some, but not for me. I’m motivated to go back on track so I can offer a better version of me, specially on the mats. Every week I will post one type.

Whey Protein

What Whey Protein is and what is for:
Whey Protein is whey protein from milk extracted during the process of processing milk into cheese.
The percentage of whey protein in fresh milk is approximately 20%. The other 80% are casein.
Structurally, whey protein has very short amino acid chains, while casein protein has very long chains! That’s why whey is quickly absorbed by the body, unlike casein, which is a slow-acting protein. The whey contains essential amino acids, such as BCAAs, very popular among athletes.
The main advantages of using Whey Protein instead of other sources of protein would be:
Higher biological value (VB 100), to give you an idea, the biological value of the chicken is 79, of the fish 83, red meat 80, eggs of 88 to 100 and dairy products such as milk and cheese reach their biological value , and that they would also be these other sources of proteins indicative for consumption;
Another important factor of Whey Protein is the high concentration of Glutamine and BCAA, and with one more relevant, since comparing grass to grass to Whey Protein with other sources of protein, it is the one that provides more essential amino acids to the body, without the addition of cholesterol and fat.

Types of Whey Protein:
As Whey Protein is extracted from whey milk, the water content is still very large, accounting for 93 to 95% of what was removed and only 0.7 to 1.2% protein, a very low value yet. For this it is necessary to go through the process of micro filtration and ultrafiltration through precipitation by acids or bases, with ion exchange or separation by membranes, resulting in a higher concentration of proteins. What will result in 3 types of Whey Protein:
Whey Protein Concentrate: An option more in financially speaking, since the cost to elaborate of this Whey is cheaper, because it passes only by the light process of filtration, previously mentioned like Micro filtration and Ultra filtration. Resulting in 70 to 80% of proteins and dividing the rest between carbohydrates and fats. Yet these Whey Proteins contain large amounts of BCCAs, glutamine plus most of the peptide fractions being maintained. These particles are responsible for many functions of our body and improve our immunity since they have antioxidant actions.
Whey Protein Isolate: Its protein concentration is much higher when compared to whey protein concentrate, because it goes through a much larger filtration process and undergo ion exchange. Resulting in up to 95% protein, in some brands of Whey, the amount of carbohydrates and fat is zero. A great option for those who are on calorie reduction diet, aiming to lose weight or set.
Hydrolyzed Whey Protein: In addition to thorough filtration, this type of Whey Protein undergoes a process known as hydrolysis, where the protein chains break into smaller fragments of peptides. What makes it easier and even faster is the absorption of this type of Whey Protein by the body.

Effects and Benefits of Whey Protein:

  •  Promotes increased retention of nitrogen (muscle growth factor). Whey also has antioxidant action, strengthens the immune system and reduces symptoms of over training.
  • And another factor that is essential in Whey Protein is its rapid absorption, and I think this is of fundamental importance for those who use this protein for hypertrophy in bodybuilding. Well after the training, we open what is called the “window of opportunity” where the muscle is more receptive to nutrients, providing a high degree of protein absorption, amino acids … Ensuring a perfect anabolic environment, since it is by itself only, it already increases protein synthesis, and imagine after an intense training.

How to take Whey Protein:
In my opinion, after training, another best time to take Whey Protein is when we wake up, since we spend a great deal of time without feeding, and the catabolism is right, so nothing better than Whey Protein and its rapid absorption.
For hypertrophy, I always think it is best to take Whey in the post-workout along with dextrose, since carbohydrate helps transport nutrients into the cells, be they proteins, creatine, BCAAs and glutamine. Thanks to the insulin peak caused by the high glycemic index of this carbohydrate.
So be simple when preparing your shake, mix in it with 200 ml of water, 30 to 40 grams of Whey Protein with maltodextrin / dextrose (by visiting the articles I inform the amount to be put of these 2 supplements not to make mistakes) . If you are taking Creatine, mix in this shake quoted in post workout.

How much protein do I need?
A normal person, even without practicing too much exercise, needs about 0.8 g of protein per day per kg of body weight. A resistance athlete should be based on 1.5 g per day. If your goal is to build muscle then you should ingest about 1.8 to 2 grams of high quality protein per pound of body weight every day.
Protein rich foods include meat, fish, nuts, vegetables or dairy products that can be replaced with protein powder, as is the case with whey. Certainly a balanced and varied diet is recommended along with a healthy lifestyle.

I’ve tried so many brands and flavors and those are definitely my favorites:



ISO100® is simply muscle-building fuel. Each serving contains 25 grams of protein and 5.5g of BCAAs including 2.7g of L-Leucine. The Birthday Cake Flavor for me is the best one, the Chocolate Peanut butter one is pretty good too. You can do a lot recipes with the Birthday Cake. I’ve only tried 3 flavors and I didn’t like the vanilla one.



  • 25g Protein from 100% Whey Protein Isolate (per 1 scoop serving)
  • Zero/Low Carb Options
  • Added Vitamin & Mineral Blend
  • Gluten & Lactose Free

One of my favorites for sure. I have tried almost all flavors from vanilla to Colombian coffee. For some reason I got some heartburn with the colombian coffe flavor. But is a must for to do morning smoothies. I’m definitely ordering mine from Amazon. Who follows me on Instagram can see my smoothies that I post on my story.

Every week I stop at Nutrishop to get the Ready to Drink version specially on those days that I’m on rush or didn’t eat a good amount of protein on my meal. I remember a time that I had a mini fridge on my bathroom and was full of Isopure. I need go buy more. You know that times that you wake up so thirsty in the middle of the night? This is the best fuel you can take at those moments. Good source with 0 carb.


They have a big variety of flavours that goes from 0 carb to specific one for muscle gain.

Also the Cocotein is awesome and so refreshing. They do have teas now which I never tried yet. I might write about Isopure in the future. Its a pretty good company out there and a lot doctors prescribe them for their patients after surgeries.

Below some stores that you can find those product in good prices. Also,  you can find  at the local supplement store near you.



Pure Formulas


If you dont know where to find Isopure and wants to know more about please  check their website Isopure.


Please share with me about which brands are your favorite and which ones you disliked the most.


Ciao and happy gains…





Natural Pre-Workout Drink

While some people are waiting for next year to workout or train BJJ. I’m starting my 2018 resolution right now. Im s happy that I’m able to workout again after my Stem cells therapy treatment. Who personally knows me, has the knowledge that I love workout. So, for me to spend hours training I need some energy drinks and amino acids. I was drinking all kinda pre-workouts and coffee everyday for couple years, resulting now that I get heartburns once in a while. For this reason I have a love/hate with caffeine. But, I do need to have a pre-workout drink for to boost energy so I can have a good training session.

Looking for alternatives to avoid the  pain in my stomach I started to prepare my own energy smoothies. I don’t drink everyday, but once in a while I prepare this one below.

What you will need:

img_2248 Apple, carrots, lemon,turmeric,golden beets, ginger. I didn’t used any measurements I just add to my blender and drink it up. You can also add ice cubes and honey.

Why those ingredients?

I will point some of the reasons I chose them.


The natural sugars in apples are good for more than just their sweet taste. They also provide a natural energy boost. Apples are often noted for their rich antioxidant content. As it turns out, the fact that apples contain antioxidants actually makes them one of the more heart-healthy fruits. One of the antioxidants found in Apple is Quercetin,a plant-based chemical used in energy drinks. I’m literally eating a red apple right now.


 Carrots are a rich source of Betacarotene a powerful antioxidant, which, among other vital uses, can be converted into vitamin A in the body to help maintain health skin. Also, increase saliva and supply essential minerals, vitamins and enzymes that aid in digestion.


The antioxidant vitamin C, when eaten in its natural form or applied topically, can help to fight skin damage caused by the sun and pollution, reduce wrinkles, and improve overall skin texture.Vitamin C plays a vital role in the formation of collagen, the support system of the skin.

Turmeric Roots

The mainly reason I add it on my smoothie is because of the Curcumin which is the main bioactive compound in the turmeric root. Studies has been showing that Curcumin boost the Serotonin levels. Serotonin is your “happiness molecule” that is critical for keeping up a positive mood. Turmeric has some many benefits that would be a long post talking about. You can read more clicking at Nutri Inspector

Golden Beets

I chose golden instead of red because of the taste, the red beet has strong taste. Research shows that drinking beetroot juice prior to engaging in an intense workout routine can help improve endurance and extend workout time. Because of its nitrates content, beetroot improves blood flow and lowers high blood pressure .This, in turn, alters the exerciser’s perception of the effort felt during and after a workout routine, allowing for improved exercise performance.


The roots expands blood vessels, increasing body heat, which burns fat 20% more quickly then if you hadn’t consumed it. It can be found in teas, or you can buy it fresh, at a local health food store. Ginger also detoxifies your body and stimulates circulation. Also,increases brain level of important Neurotransmitters  chemicals used by brain cells to communicate with each other.They control your ability to focus, concentrate, and remember, and regulate mood.Thats why Ginger is used for so many yeas as a brain supplement.Ginger increases levels of these important brain chemicals, including dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine is considered the “motivation molecule” that helps you get focused and be productive.

The best part is that I still feel the pump and doesn’t feel the heartburn.

 What you guys drink before workout, work or just for to make you awake?

Let me know you if you want to try or tried this recipe commenting below. Also, if this recipe reminds of someone, please feel free to share.

Love, Jelly.

December my favorite month

December is my favorite month of the entire year.

Those are the  few reasons:

  • Is the month that I was born;
  • Is the month of my parents got married.
  • Is the month that I spent more time with  my husband since day one that we met.
  • Is the month that I keep the most of my childhood memories with my family.
  • Is the month that I ate alot and dont feel bad.
  • Is the month that I feel so much grateful because I see what I’ve been thru during the year and makes me to have a different perspective of my future.

All over internet we see talking about goals achievemet and etc… Is the month where a lot people set up their dreams and goals. But wouldnt be better if we think about in the entire year.

I didnt achieved all my goals that I set up last year, but I did had lots of emotions that I never thought I would have. But im so grateful that I had a year full of blessings. I visited my family in Brazil. I spent time with family and friends and made new ones.

I had the opportunity to compete in bigger tournaments, work in different evens and meet  amazing people. I never thought my life would be surrounded with Jiu-Jitsu lovers and this year most of my time was around them. It’s incredible as a sport that would be for stress releaver turned into a lifestyle. Because is what Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is for me. I’m not a good fighter that goes at tournament and wins and get applause. Maybe I would never be. But, I’m a woman that love this martial art and is thirsty for to learn more and more.  As a BJJ lover we all set up goals all the time and I do all the time but the truth is a few of my goals has been achieved. I planned lst year do most the tournaments I could. I put my name is so many, cancelled last minute and one I even didn’t show up because of a injury. This year I cried alot and fought against myself so many times and discovered a balance and when I put a balance on it I stopped to have these battles.

I got hurt and I felt the taste of being off the mat with this I learned to value in the academy that I am a student and to the teachers that I have, along with my my close friends of my team who made available their time to change sweat with me. The year is ending and I could contemplate with my eyes and feel in the depths of my heart that I have not only acquaintances, professors and team mates but friends that I can take with me wherever I go. I have lived many emotions and most of them alongside my husband, friends and family and I will be eternally grateful for all this. Respect and gratitude for you who have shared some of your time with me this year. Know that I love you all and I am learning to respect each other’s personality.

A few memories registered in pictures:


May the year 2018 be filled with emotions with all of you.

Ciao, Jelly.

The ankle boots of the moment

Everyone is loving the over knee boots, meanwhile I’m here searching for a comfy,trendy and reasonable ankle boots to wear this season. I know here doenst get so cold, but I do love wear boots. I’m looking to replace my  old combat and chelsea styles for a newer one. Mine are looking so old, but more older the better. The fashion industy has so many styles, colors, textures. Its hard to find just one. Those below are from brands that I’ve own and I know are durable,good quality and comfortable. The price is a bit higher for some but you know you are buying a pair of boots that wont last only one season. I have 4 pair of Troopa boots by Steve Madden and one pair lasted so long and so many seasons that I’ve replaced my brown one for other brown. Also, is one of a few pair of boots that I can wear while I’m healing from my Stem Cell Treatment( I will talk about in other post).

Which one would you wear?

I attached a link on the names of them, just in case you want to know the prices and color available.

What are your favorite color for boots? 

Are you obsessed with any style or brand in particular?

Please let me know in the comments, also leave the link of your blog for me, please?🙏🏽






Schutz Shoes