My utility jacket for 2017


Since I’m back blogging. I’ve been leaving home carrying my camera just in case I have time for to take some pictures. I got lucky and took some this week.These last couple days has been so beautiful. We had weeks with rain.

Anyway, nowadays seems everybody is keen on sharing their fashion sense on Instagram, Facebook, and Blogs these days. So instead of buying what they really like to wear like more comfortable pieces that really define you, they are choosing to wear what is a big trend or what is the most expensive, only for to gain followers and likes on social media. Wearing some outfits that don’t even look good or match their personality. I believe they are spending hard-earned cash on luxury brand-name pieces for to be acceptable. Well, that’s not my case. But, I do like to share some of outfits and pieces. On this post, I want to share my light utility jacket that I’ve been wearing for while.

On my daily basis, I’m always wearing gym clothes or sporty outfits. I do like to dress up don’t get me wrong but not when I’m doing errands.

I was for while looking for a versatile with good price and quality. I found this jacket at Express for $98. I had a coupon and I got for $79. Which is not t a bad price for a silky mini parka  Jacket? The best thing is: I can wear forever, especially because they feel so soft and I don’t need to worry about get wrinkled after put in my backpack. By the way, I’m a huge fan of backpacks and Supra shoes.

 What is your favorite versatile piece?

Have a blessed weekend!

Love, Jelly.

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