The ankle boots of the moment

Everyone is loving the over knee boots, meanwhile I’m here searching for a comfy,trendy and reasonable ankle boots to wear this season. I know here doenst get so cold, but I do love wear boots. I’m looking to replace my  old combat and chelsea styles for a newer one. Mine are looking so old, but more older the better. The fashion industy has so many styles, colors, textures. Its hard to find just one. Those below are from brands that I’ve own and I know are durable,good quality and comfortable. The price is a bit higher for some but you know you are buying a pair of boots that wont last only one season. I have 4 pair of Troopa boots by Steve Madden and one pair lasted so long and so many seasons that I’ve replaced my brown one for other brown. Also, is one of a few pair of boots that I can wear while I’m healing from my Stem Cell Treatment( I will talk about in other post).

Which one would you wear?

I attached a link on the names of them, just in case you want to know the prices and color available.

What are your favorite color for boots? 

Are you obsessed with any style or brand in particular?

Please let me know in the comments, also leave the link of your blog for me, please?🙏🏽






Schutz Shoes

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