Jelly of The Valley


Last month we went to Arizona and spent the weekend in Sedona. We stayed in a pet-friendly hotel in the West side of town. We decided to stay at the Sedona Real Inn, exactly because it offers a huge area for dogs to play and run around while we sit and enjoy the firepit in the park. I highly reccomend for  who likes to travel with your doggies. Our dogs had a blast over there. They also gave us some freebies. That was so nice of them.  We went to explore the cycling area for a couple hours and it was great fun. With each pedaling a breathtaking view that pictures doenst of justice. My husband was tired to hear me saying: Look this view! It was sunny and nice weather around 65°F and lots of people hiking and cycling. A very friendly city to spend the weekend.  Who follows me on IG could see the videos on my story.




Can’t wait to be back. If you have any recomendation in where to stay and eat please, let me know?!

Sedona we miss you!!!

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