Jelly of The Valley

Since the end of last year, I have been wearing active wear day and night. It’s so comfortable that I wear it to do any errands outside of my home, from workout to work since I’m allowed to wear it there. I want share with you all the brand that I’ve been wearing. They have beautiful prints and different technologies in the fabric. The brands are Vestem and DLK and both are made in Brazil. They are made from polyamide and elastane. I love these leggings and wear them on my daily basis.

These pictures below are my favorites you can also find more in this link Fitness Wear.


They have different textures,  they are also thicker and offer very good compression.

I receive alot of compliments wearing them. I wear them to workout at the gym, train Jiu-Jitsu, mountain biking and as casual on my daily basis. They are practical and fit very well. The prices are from $45-65 and is Free Shipping to US.

Let me know what are your toughts about these leggings. Also, which brand are your favorites?



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