Jelly of The Valley

It makes me happy to be able to visit some colorful shops in the area. Weeks ago I went to a small coffee shot in San Diego to meet a Brazilian girl and take some pics.

S3 Coffee bar has a decor that is a mix of Holy Matcha and Carrera Coffee place. She took the best of these places. Claudia the owner is very sweet and trained her staffs very well, they all offer excellent customer services and their menu are colorful and delicious. It is worth the drive.

I’ve had  4 drinks and I can’t complain about. It was very tasteful!

Also, the shop is so cute that you want take pics of everything.


Rainbow Latte
Ursula’s Revenge is delicious.
Honey Rose Latte
Rose Gold Latte


S3 Coffee Bar is located at 6171 Mission Gorge Rd. Suite 102, San Diego-CA.

If you stop by making sure to ask about Ursula’s Revenge drink.  So refreshing and delicious! It’s a small business and can get crowded in certains hours. Make sure you have time to get a better seat.

Who else loves coffee shop?

Please, let me know about your favorite coffee shop.



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