AR Workshop Temecula

Last week I got invited to meet a group of ladies leaded by Kathy Robichaux at AR Workshop. They weren’t offcialy opened yet, which was very nice of them to let us to have our meeting over there.

The place is very charming and gives you so much creativity and inspiration to work and do some crafts.  I was so excited because never been one studio like this before. I know exists crafts studios all  over US, but for me was ver new.  I loved the idea that you can host a party there. They offer different classes during the month but you can also go and do one by yourself.  Just bring your own lunch, snacks or even wine and have fun painting signs and more…

AR Workshop Temecula is owned by Angie and Greg Fann. They are so excited to own their  studio in our hometown. Angie and her crew are very nice and happy to answer any questions you have. I believe the accept walk-in if the tables aren’t busy but is very apreciated if you do a appointment online and chose your art at

Below some pictures from the event.



The pictures can give you some ideas in what you can create while you are over there.

I chosed to make a box and I started from distressing the wood. I’ve never done before and I was so excited doing it. The supplies are all included from pencil to gloves and a cute apron.



I cant wait to be back and do a framed wod sign.

Below is our group with our work done.


If you are from this area or planning to come, please stop by and go there release some stress and bring some homemade gift from Temecula to yourself.  But, if you arent from here you can find  a location near you. AR Workshop are in 24 states here in US. You can find the list over here .

AR Workshop -Temecula is located 


Let me know if you have been in one?



December my favorite month

December is my favorite month of the entire year.

Those are the  few reasons:

  • Is the month that I was born;
  • Is the month of my parents got married.
  • Is the month that I spent more time with  my husband since day one that we met.
  • Is the month that I keep the most of my childhood memories with my family.
  • Is the month that I ate alot and dont feel bad.
  • Is the month that I feel so much grateful because I see what I’ve been thru during the year and makes me to have a different perspective of my future.

All over internet we see talking about goals achievemet and etc… Is the month where a lot people set up their dreams and goals. But wouldnt be better if we think about in the entire year.

I didnt achieved all my goals that I set up last year, but I did had lots of emotions that I never thought I would have. But im so grateful that I had a year full of blessings. I visited my family in Brazil. I spent time with family and friends and made new ones.

I had the opportunity to compete in bigger tournaments, work in different evens and meet  amazing people. I never thought my life would be surrounded with Jiu-Jitsu lovers and this year most of my time was around them. It’s incredible as a sport that would be for stress releaver turned into a lifestyle. Because is what Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is for me. I’m not a good fighter that goes at tournament and wins and get applause. Maybe I would never be. But, I’m a woman that love this martial art and is thirsty for to learn more and more.  As a BJJ lover we all set up goals all the time and I do all the time but the truth is a few of my goals has been achieved. I planned lst year do most the tournaments I could. I put my name is so many, cancelled last minute and one I even didn’t show up because of a injury. This year I cried alot and fought against myself so many times and discovered a balance and when I put a balance on it I stopped to have these battles.

I got hurt and I felt the taste of being off the mat with this I learned to value in the academy that I am a student and to the teachers that I have, along with my my close friends of my team who made available their time to change sweat with me. The year is ending and I could contemplate with my eyes and feel in the depths of my heart that I have not only acquaintances, professors and team mates but friends that I can take with me wherever I go. I have lived many emotions and most of them alongside my husband, friends and family and I will be eternally grateful for all this. Respect and gratitude for you who have shared some of your time with me this year. Know that I love you all and I am learning to respect each other’s personality.

A few memories registered in pictures:


May the year 2018 be filled with emotions with all of you.

Ciao, Jelly.

Salvation Mountain a special place to visit

I want share with you, a place that I went this past summer. I had my sister-in-law visiting us and we drove to this monumental spot located only 132 miles from my home ( Temecula). Exactly, 2 hours and half driving with beautiful scene views around the desert and mountains. Definitely a place to see while you are visiting South California.

It’s pretty busy in the weekends, people from all over the world stop by to see the art made by the visionary Leonard Knight.  He passed away in February 10, 2014. But, I’m a true believer that he would continued working doing more and more art over there.

The place gives you emotions from sadness to happiness, cant explain what I felt in the middle of the desert on that day. I only have one thing to say: Go check it out! Its one of those things that You need to do/see before you die.  It’s a special place!

IMG_9454IMG_9446img_2633img_2623IMG_9453IMG_9452IMG_9445IMG_9451IMG_9448IMG_9455IMG_9456IMG_9447img_2611.jpgimg_9424 (1)

I’m wearing Top Express, Skirt bought in India get a similar here, Melissa Flox in Metallic ( get same color shoes here), Panama Hat bought at Panama airport ( get similar here).


You can read about Salvation Mountain here.

Salvation Mountain, Niland, Imperial County, California, USA.

From Los Angeles or Phoenix, take Interstate 10 to the 86S (just east of Indio.) Travel south (11 miles) to 66th Avenue (Hwy 195.) There is a  big gas station and truck stop on the left. If you miss this turn, you’ll end up on the wrong side of the Salton Sea. Turn left (east) and go about a ½ mile to Highway 111. Turn right (south) and go about 42 miles to Niland, California. Turn left (east) on Main Street (which eventually turns into Beal Road) and travel for a little over 3 miles. Look to the East. You absolutely cannot miss it.  

From San Diego or Yuma, take Interstate 8 to Highway 111 north. Niland is about 32 miles. Turn east on Main Street (turns into Beal Road) and go a little over 3 miles to Salvation Mountain.

You can always turn the Google maps on and enjoy the ride! Don’t forget your camera and water bottle. Also, feel free to explore the cities around, which is very interesting by the way. I will post more about it.