Good-Bye 2017

This year ended so fast. I remember when I was a kid the year was long to end. Nowadays, it seems that the 12 months are summarized in 6 months. The year 2017 came and went very fast.
Today I am here remembering moments and feeling very grateful because I discovered and realized different things this past year.
I’m happy that the year 2018 is coming and I believe that every year we learn a lot and we will be able to use it so that the year that it turns does not come to be like the past. We have enough tools to make this new year better than the others that have gone by and left us memories. May we learn from the mistakes to get right in the future!

A happy New Year to you, my dear reader!

I wish you all the best !


December my favorite month

December is my favorite month of the entire year.

Those are the  few reasons:

  • Is the month that I was born;
  • Is the month of my parents got married.
  • Is the month that I spent more time with  my husband since day one that we met.
  • Is the month that I keep the most of my childhood memories with my family.
  • Is the month that I ate alot and dont feel bad.
  • Is the month that I feel so much grateful because I see what I’ve been thru during the year and makes me to have a different perspective of my future.

All over internet we see talking about goals achievemet and etc… Is the month where a lot people set up their dreams and goals. But wouldnt be better if we think about in the entire year.

I didnt achieved all my goals that I set up last year, but I did had lots of emotions that I never thought I would have. But im so grateful that I had a year full of blessings. I visited my family in Brazil. I spent time with family and friends and made new ones.

I had the opportunity to compete in bigger tournaments, work in different evens and meet  amazing people. I never thought my life would be surrounded with Jiu-Jitsu lovers and this year most of my time was around them. It’s incredible as a sport that would be for stress releaver turned into a lifestyle. Because is what Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is for me. I’m not a good fighter that goes at tournament and wins and get applause. Maybe I would never be. But, I’m a woman that love this martial art and is thirsty for to learn more and more.  As a BJJ lover we all set up goals all the time and I do all the time but the truth is a few of my goals has been achieved. I planned lst year do most the tournaments I could. I put my name is so many, cancelled last minute and one I even didn’t show up because of a injury. This year I cried alot and fought against myself so many times and discovered a balance and when I put a balance on it I stopped to have these battles.

I got hurt and I felt the taste of being off the mat with this I learned to value in the academy that I am a student and to the teachers that I have, along with my my close friends of my team who made available their time to change sweat with me. The year is ending and I could contemplate with my eyes and feel in the depths of my heart that I have not only acquaintances, professors and team mates but friends that I can take with me wherever I go. I have lived many emotions and most of them alongside my husband, friends and family and I will be eternally grateful for all this. Respect and gratitude for you who have shared some of your time with me this year. Know that I love you all and I am learning to respect each other’s personality.

A few memories registered in pictures:


May the year 2018 be filled with emotions with all of you.

Ciao, Jelly.

Lets make a Difference with Diff Sunglasses

For who knows me personally, they aware that I love help people. I also love to support companies that helps to make a difference in the world. That’s why I want share about Diff Eyewear. Why Diff Eyewear? Well, first of all the company has a mission on top of each sale. Second: They do the nicest, stylish  and reliable polarized sunglasses on the market.  They have a program called:  “BUY A PAIR, GIVE A PAIR” that promises that every pair sold, a pair of reading glass is donated to someone in need. Can you imagine if all the clothing,shoes,accesories companiers start doing this our world would be less misery that it is. If you never been in a trd world country you should do before you die. I believe you would have a better perspective in your life. Maybe you are the kind of person that wish your life is better and doesnt do nothing to get better, or you are the kind of only complains about everything people does for you or you are that one that work, work and only think about yourself. Anyways, the world is way more than just you and has so many people in need even besides you. If I could I would help lots of programs and comunities in differents countries. I have my own entities that I help and willing to help others too.

I believe that if more people gets knowledge about Diff and start use their products, more help they can offer. So, if you can’t go to Africa, Diff goes for you. They have this  Eyes on Africa is DIFF’s original charity partner. Founded by Sherry Grigsby in 2005, it is a nonprofit organization that provides eyeglasses to communities in Africa without access to vision care. Throughout their  partnership, they have provided the gift of sight to over 20,000 people. Thats amazing!!! So, if you, me and alot other people start purchasing sunglases from them now on, they will help way more.

They partner up with SVOSH (Student Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity) optometry students travel to developing countries and provide eye exams, vision assistance, and treatment to marginalized communities who lack access to vision care. In 2017, DIFF’s partnership with SVOSH is projected to restore vision to over 10,000 people worldwide.

This week starting today Dec 11th they start a 12 days sale and today they are offering 40% off on my favorite sunglasses which is the model Bella.

I have 2 pairs and I’m looking to buy other ones.

These below Ive been using everyday. I do drive alot and I carry them on my truck so all the time I’m changing wearing them all day long. Depend how I feel I wear the black or the cookie & cream. Ive been receiving so many compliments on this one below:

Bella Cookies & Cream with Pink Mirror Polarized lenses. Today is on sale from $85.00 to $51.00 and if you click on this link and put your email you will receive extra $10 off.              I wish someone told me about this before and I would save extra 10 bucks.


My second favorite is the Bella Black Frame with Grey Polarized lens.                        I believe almost everybody has a classic black sunglases. But, this one is handcrafted and so stylish, also protect your eyes with Polarized lens with 100% UVA/UVB Protection. Has lots of squares sunglasses on the market for all prices but not all offer polarized sunglasses. All the polarized lenses by Diff has 100% UVA/UVB protection abd Premium scratch resistant lenses.  They are Designer hand cut acetate frames with custom molded metal temples and comes with a high quality case.



Now, that you know, please visit the website and choose the style you like.

They have tons of styles and colors. You are going to love each one of their sunglasses.

Here is the link for the extra $10 off.

Let me know if you bought one and share with me the model and style. Lets make a difference together!





The ankle boots of the moment

Everyone is loving the over knee boots, meanwhile I’m here searching for a comfy,trendy and reasonable ankle boots to wear this season. I know here doenst get so cold, but I do love wear boots. I’m looking to replace my  old combat and chelsea styles for a newer one. Mine are looking so old, but more older the better. The fashion industy has so many styles, colors, textures. Its hard to find just one. Those below are from brands that I’ve own and I know are durable,good quality and comfortable. The price is a bit higher for some but you know you are buying a pair of boots that wont last only one season. I have 4 pair of Troopa boots by Steve Madden and one pair lasted so long and so many seasons that I’ve replaced my brown one for other brown. Also, is one of a few pair of boots that I can wear while I’m healing from my Stem Cell Treatment( I will talk about in other post).

Which one would you wear?

I attached a link on the names of them, just in case you want to know the prices and color available.

What are your favorite color for boots? 

Are you obsessed with any style or brand in particular?

Please let me know in the comments, also leave the link of your blog for me, please?🙏🏽






Schutz Shoes

Fashionable Fitness gear

What a woman won’t feel motivated to workout with newer and cool gear?

Sometimes is ok, to wear black. But don’t you think workout needs some energetic colors for to boost your energy? When I feel ultra motivated I wear colorful outfit in the colors yellow, green, pink, sometimes mixing it up. But I do like the couple gray & black.

I want share with you a Brazilian Brand called LabellaMafia.  I love and highly recommend. I have leggings that I bought over 3 years ago and still looking pretty good. Some got faded since I wash them in high heat and dry on my dryer.

Where I go wearing them I receive a lot of compliments. They’re very comfortable and fits like a glove. I wear for to lift, train Jiu Jitsu and I wore once to compete in a Jiu-Jitsu tournament without to worry about rip off or show my underwear.  They have a huge collection in Brazil releasing models every week. Unfortunately in United States they don’t have the same inventory yet.

Those are the styles I liked and I will leave the link below for you to visit the store on-line and learn more about. I’m recommending because they are very good quality and shape your body even giving you curves that you don’t have, thank you for the Brazilian cut style.

Classic black & white Leggings with a modern look


Playful prints


Smart Technology

The innovative material used in this legging above has some benefits like:

– Helps muscle fatigue.

-Facilitates blood circulation.

-Improves skin elasticity.

-Produces thermal balance.

-Average compression

It’s on my wish list.


Cute tops that you can actually wear outside of the gym.


Fashionable sneakers

They also have Mens gear, Bikinis, jumpsuits, sweatpants and much more…

Below was me wearing their leggings in my No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu Tournament. This is one of the reasons I approve their quality. Over 3 years wearing and still have the same elasticity, just got faded because I wash in a sanitizer mode, since I wear for to train on the mat or gym.


For more info about LabellaMafia check it out their web store they also offer sales and discounts.

Hope you like their fitness line.

Love, Jelly.

Hello Beautiful People

Hello Beautiful People,

Has been almost a year that I was trying to decide about blogging.                                                                       I felt motivated to start it right now. Since, I’m living in South California in a small city called Temecula, which is not far away from Los Angeles and San Diego big cities that offers lots of things to do. Some of my friends of mine always ask about my city and want to know how Am I doing, etc…

Oceanside Pier
Top Free People, Leggings Plush, Jacket Express, bag Marc Jacobs, sneakers Adidas.

How you see above. I’m doing pretty fine. Thanks!

I will show a bit of everything in my little space. I confess I was missing the old school style of blogging.

Hopefully, I can make new friends that like to blog and discover around so we can share a bit of everything.

          Love, Jelly